Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

Ninaluna and Dreamers team up
for a romantically free child    
                                                                          A/W 2012-13 COLLECTION  
A passion for detail enhances dynamic vitality, something Ninaluna and Dreamers are perfectly aware of; hence, the idea of merging their respective creative proposals into a single loving initiative the new A/W 2012-13 collection. 

The romantic embrace of gauzy tulle and bows starts from Ninaluna's proposals for clothing and accessories for the newborn – enriched by the unmistakable hand embroidered inserts – and moves on with wisdom and care to Dreamers' offer that is designed to meet the demands of children until the age of 14.This direct association endows the two childrenswear designers with the artistic skills required to weave harmonious and expertly sophisticated details that never lack focus on the unhampered movements and easy expressive attitudes of children.

The ideal fusion of handcrafting tradition and research , Ninaluna's icon feature, naturally blends into the refned, graceful, stylistic insight and productive rigour of Dreamers.Their convergence proposes a collection that, starting from reliable feece, jersey and muslin, unfold into an explosion of colours and details amidst a multitude of interactions and combinations that reveal the utmost care for the sector and a keen eye to ensure comfort for the child. Bouclé wool, bows and even the most minute romantic details enhance a collection that is ever rich in proposals and inspirations.

Working with passion unfailingly heightens energy, feelings and care! Ninaluna and Dreamers consider this as the firs step toward creative inspiration.

Ninaluna and Dreamers will present the new releases for the season A/W 2012-13 at:
Kleine Fabriek in Amsterdam 15-16 January 2012
Pitti Immagine Bimbo in Florence 19-21 January 2012

DREAMERS The childrenswear brand Dreamers proposes sophisticated, highly refned feece range for children aged 0 to 14 years The highly practical product enhanced by sophistication ongoing research on innovations in the sector and, last but not least, the intense propositional curiosity of the stylist, a young mother with long-standing professional experience in the framework of childrenswear contribute to the rapid ascent of the brand The principal goals of production are easy, unhampered movements for children and the quest for comfortable and charming beauty
Dreamers proposes items that merge the utmost comfort, careful choice of materials and care for details at an absolutely affordable price.

NINALUNA Items in Ninaluna's childrenswear and accessories line for children aged 0-2 years are rigorously handmade They merge the remarkable potential of traditional craftsmanship with present day creative innovations to enfold all mothers and their children in a gentle embrace.

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